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One thing is certain for Decorating a House: time passes and trends come and go. This is true for everything, since the clothes we take to the food we eat, not to mention the decoration of the house. But, with regard to interior design, there is a tendency to remain: mid century modern rugs! Mid-century style furniture is your best bet if you want to add a timeless and elegant appearance to any room in your house or to your next project.

With a bohemian inspiration, dated between the 30s and 60s, the right pieces will definitely create a fun environment to gather your friends. And if you elevate your interiors that means making them more comfortable, mid century modern rugs can also be the key! The opposition between strong lines and elegant curves, high and low structures, feminine elegance and masculine strength, will surely give your projects a sophisticated look.

The details are what make everything unique and your room is no exception! The gold finishes are the most recognizable feature of mid century modern rugs and are otimos to add a touch of luxury. A beautiful mirror or a beautiful chandelier, as well as a luxurious carpet or pillow, are essential to elevate any interior design.

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