Faux Fur Rug Optional Decorative Element


Faux Fur Rug – Many of us love natural or synthetic skins, especially if they are to decorate our home. Many magazines and decoration blogs propose to use them as carpets, blankets for the sofa, for the chairs of the dining room or for the bed. This type of combinations tells us about Nordic or Scandinavian style decorations, in which the skins, in addition to having an ornamental function, are used as an essential piece of clothing even for the home.

If you own a carpet, plaid or faux fur cushion, it requires regular maintenance. Think of vacuuming in soft mode on your faux fur rug once a week. Faux fur carpets have the same maintenance as wool carpets. The cleaning of a faux fur rug is rather simple. Since this is a synthetic material, you can wash it in warm water with Marseille soap or black soap. Be careful, the faux fur rug should never be wrung out.

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It is therefore to suspend it outdoors to dry in the open air. If you do not have a garden or balcony, you can dry your carpet above your bathtub. Once the faux fur rug is only slightly damp, you can dry it flat. You can then use a dry cloth or dry washcloth to dry it in circular motions. Otherwise, you can simply dry it with a hairdryer in cold or warm mode.

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