Look Beautiful Silken Shag Rug


Rooms with silken shag rug look beautiful, but keeping them clean is torture. But you can have an intermediate point by adding a beautiful furry white carpet to your room. The advantage is that you put it in the washing machine, they look divine and you can change it as many times as you want. This type of mats can not only go on the floor. Your bed is an ideal place to squeeze all its decorative potential.

You can put silken shag rug under your desk or dresser. That way you can be barefoot while you are making up or doing homework. Here and there you can begin to see small tendencies that surely are not going to be lasting inspirations – or maybe yes, who knows! – But that begin to look undeniably.

A few days ago we highlighted the trapillo as one of those microtendencias to take into account, and today it is the turn of pompoms carpets. Yes, yes, as you can hear: silken shag rug are a trend in decoration . And as unusual as the idea seems, the truth is that they look great, they are endearing, fun and warm . Do you want to know them?

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