Really Fancy Room with Faux Bear Rug


Faux bear rug – Start with the decoration of the room can be a complicated task, but not for that you have to distress or have to leave the room decoration in the background, you just have to take the time and take into account some ideas to achieve that the decoration of the room is really cozy, it can be said that the decoration is an art.

Remember that the minimalist style is free of saturations. If it is about the decoration of a small room you do not have to hesitate to make use of this type of faux bear rug. Use a carpet that is a material of good quality, so that not only ensure durability, but also have no problems of loss of color. Remember that in the case of stains, poor quality carpets are more difficult to remove.

On the other hand is that you have in mind that the location of the carpet is in the area with greater prominence of the house, i.e. at the focal point, that is why it is usually placed next to the sofa and the coffee table. Thanks to the use of a carpet on the floor you can make the focal point of the room more cozy and elegant, of course, as long as you choose a faux bear rug that complements the rest of the decoration in the best way.

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